Italian football is considered to be one of the best in the world. It is worth paying attention to the results of the national team of Italy to understand what we are talking about. The team has been among the best teams in the world for many years, and from this country come such great virtuosos of the sport as Buffon, Del Piero, Baresi or Pirlo. World famous players undoubtedly come from Italy, so it is worth going to at least one match to understand why this nation is so fascinated by this sport. As a soccer fan, don’t forget some useful phrases! Here are a few examples.

Before the game

To get to the „stadio” it is necessary to buy a „biglietto d’ingresso”. Without it, no „tifoso” could watch the match. Italian league matches are very popular all over the world and the clashes between Milan and Internazionale have gone down in the history of world football. For this reason, it is advisable to decide in advance so as not to miss the only opportunity.

Each „squadra di calcio” must carry out the appropriate „riscaldamento” in order not to get injured during the match. The pace of Italian football can be very fast, and defenders often play on the edge of the „fallo”. For this reason, players must be properly prepared and always at top speed.

During the game

During each „partita” the excitement is guaranteed! A lot of „goals” are scored in Italian league matches. For this reason, every „tifoso” present at the „gradinata” must remain focused throughout the game so as not to miss any important event. During an Italian soccer match, one can observe a great deal of „crossare” from which goals are often scored. It is very possible that this is the league in which goals are most often scored „tirare di testa”. Players like Luca Toni or Ciro Immobile were known for their excellent header skills and this can be seen in every Italian league match.

During a fast-paced match, you can watch a great deal of „attacco” from the home team and „contrattacco” led by the visitors. In this way, an Italian league match turns into a very dynamic spectacle where the exchange of blows is practically non-stop. Also worth mentioning is the Italian „difesa”, which is known throughout the world and has led the Italian national team to the „finale del coppa” many times. Many Italian league fans love to visit the „scommesse sportive” where they can bet on the exact score or the win of their favorite team. People like the thrill of gambling which is why betting arouses such extreme emotions.

What about after the match?

Each „vittoria” must be honored by going out with friends to the „ristorante” where all the „tifosi” share their emotions and opinions after the game. They choose their own „giocatore” who should be honored. If the match took place on a weekend, the party very often lasts until dawn.

In conclusion, Italian soccer is known as one of the best in the world. The national team is in top form and has had many successes on the international stage. For this reason, if you have the opportunity, you should take it and go to a local league match. Serie A is known among soccer fans as a true rarity, which combines excellent defensive play with control of the pace and fast offensive actions. There are many great players from this country who have left their mark on the culture of the game around the world. For this reason, it’s worth learning a few phrases in Italian to get a feel for the true power of Italian football!