Super Smash Flash 2- The Game of the Decade

Super Smash Flash 2 poster

Super Smash Flash 2 is in fact one of the most popular fighting flash game which counts thousands of fans all over the world.  The game is known not only because of it’s amazing gameplay,graphics and sounds, it is also popular because it features a lot of popular characters. In Super Smash Flash 2 ( SSF2) you can fight using your favorite characters, such as Kirby, Link, Mario, Pikachu, Mega Man and many others.

Super Smash Flash 2 is the best game for those who like playing fighting games online. As we have already told you, there is a big variety of characters in the game, and the most interesting thing is that all characters are unique and have unique powers. All in all, there are 28 characters in the game, but only 13 of them are available at the beginning of the game. Each character has about 5 attack movements, but some of them have also special attack skills.

SSF2 is in fact more than an ordinary flash game. Have you ever seen a flash game that features 28 unique character with several game modes(single mode, tournament mode, multiplayer mode)?  The only fact that the game weights more than 50 mb.  allow us to call it the greatest game.

Super smash flash 2 Version 0.9 has finally arrived!

Super smash flash 2 Version 0.9 has finally arrived! Click the Image to Play Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2 can not be played online at our website But You can download the SSF2 to your computer and play it in your browser later, offline.  As the game is rather big (features great sound effects and graphics) it requires some time to load, so please be patient.
The controls of the game are very simple comprising of a few keys:

  • A = Left
  • D = Right
  • S = Down
  • W = Jump or up
  • P = Attack 1
  • O = Attack 2
  • I = Shield
  • 1 = Taunt
  • Backspace = Pause
About Developers

GAME NAME: Super Smash Flash 2



GENRE(S): Fighting


Super Smash Flash 2 Latest News

  • The Super Smash Flash 2 Demo v0.9 was released. There are some changes in the game. Hope you will enjoy the game.
  • The latest version of the game available now is 0.8b. There is no information when the super smash flash 2 full version will be released, but as it is written on the official website, the next demo version v. 0.9 will be released in January 2013
  • Many people ask about Super Smash Flash 3 game, so I would like to say that there is no SSF3 available now.. Maybe in 2-3 years … :)
  • The developer of Super Smash Flash 2 disabled embeding of the game at our website. So now if you want to play the game you have to visit official website.  The download section at this website still works for those who would like to download SSF2 and play it offline